about our kennel

Welcome to the website of Daenerys English Springer Spaniels.

We are Lewis Nicklin and Lucy-May Ainsley and we live in Mid Devon with our English Springer Spaniels. We are a small kennel with big dreams but ultimately our passion and priority is to show and produce beautiful and quality English Springer Spaniels that are healthy and fit for function gundogs with the much desired 'friendly and merry' temperament that the English Springer Spaniel is renowned for. All of this combined makes them a loving, loyal companion that are a pleasure to own.



For as long as we can remember, dogs have always had a special place in both our hearts. When first getting to know each other, we found it funny that both of us  treasured “The Big Book of Dog Breeds” when growing up and both dragged our parents to Crufts year after year after year. We think a life revolving around dogs was written in the stars for us both, and feel lucky to have found each other and to share such a deep passion for “Man’s Best Friend.”

Our passion for animals however does not just stop at dogs. Lewis also has a great love for horses, being a keen rider and has been involved with Shire Horses, participating in agricultural shows and ploughing matches. At home we also own a number of pure breed chickens and hybrid egg layers, two Ragdoll cats, a Maine Coon and one mischievous Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund.

Growing up, Lucy was lucky to be around several breeds including Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, West Highland White Terriers and a Cocker Spaniel. Lewis has mainly lived with German Shepherd Dogs but his special companion as a child was a little crossbreed called Bandit, who he participated in many dog sports with including Obedience, Agility and Canicross. Funnily enough, Lewis always said that he “would never own a spaniel”... Oh how things changed!

We are both completely captivated by this beautiful breed.

It is hard to say no to their  endearing 'melting expression' and their constant wagging tail.

Our kennel name “Daenerys” derived from Lucy’s passion for the book series  “A Song of Ice and Fire” and television series “Game of Thrones” with Daenerys being one of the main POV characters. If you can't say it, don't worry! Not many can.


We hope you enjoy exploring the pages of our website where you can learn more about ourselves and our dogs.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Lewis & Lucy