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All our own dogs are health tested and we will only ever breed from parents that meet the required standard of health that is set out by The Kennel Club. You can find all the information you 
need about the health conditions and problems related to our breed on
The English Springer Spaniel Club Website

We will only ever have a litter when we plan to keep a puppy for ourselves. Our aim will always be to produce quality puppies with good health and the much desired friendly, merry temperament
that the English Springer Spaniel is renowned for. 


Our puppies are born and raised in our home so that they can experience the every day sights and sounds of a normal household and once old enough, get the opportunity to explore and cause mischief in our garden. We encourage visitors once our puppies have reached the appropriate age so that they are well socialised and are used to being handled by both adults and children. This also enables us to

tailor each puppy to the right family as every puppy develops its own individual personality that may or may not suit

everyone and their lifestyle.



Daenerys babies are ready to leave for their new homes at 8 weeks of age and will be Kennel Club registered and microchipped. We will also provide you with a 'Puppy Pack' containing all essential documentation, information and items to ensure your puppy settles in as comfortably and quickly as possible. We guarantee to give you all the help and advice we can throughout your puppies lifetime. Each and every one our puppies is special to us and it is our job as their breeder to ensure that they are placed in perfect, loving and caring homes.